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Best Two wheeler Insurance for a Happy and Secure Ride

According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory for each vehicle to have a valid insurance policy before putting it on the road. In addition, there are many beneficial reasons for getting your bike insured. Read further because we highlight some important facts on two-wheeler insurance.

How to get a Two Wheeler Insurance Cover?

Insuring your bike or scooter is a painless process now! You only have to log on to the insurer’s website and fill out the form. Once you pay the required amount of premium, your application will be processed duly by the insurance company. Your policy document will be issued to you immediately. However, if there is a problem in filing an online insurance (which is rarely thanks to advanced technology), you can always deposit your application in the insurer’s office. Once the entire process is complete; congratulation! Your vehicle is now insured! Ride on the streets safely and peacefully, happily! 🙂

Security is provided by Two Wheeler Policy

Think of your bike as your child. Immunization is given to protect your newborn from deadly diseases and to protect it. Regular dosing in the early stages of the baby also protects you from future problems. Similarly, it is important to give your vehicle a two-wheeler insurance policy so that both you and your bike can be protected from devastating incidents.

There may be huge troubles in third party expenses. You can be a learner or an experienced rider; Do not take risks of not affecting a policy! We are all human and are bound to be human errors. If you accidentally hit another vehicle or injure a person, then the losses and injuries incurred by that third party will be done by the insurance company.

Now, you may ask, “What if my bicycle unintentionally explodes in somebody’s property?” You do not have to worry because the insurance company will take care of those losses too. Just make sure you submit your claim fairly and systematically. The cost will definitely be covered.

Note: Third party coverage in Two Wheeler Insurance is not something that is to be chosen separately, it comes with insurance only. it is a compulsion! But, it is wise to have a comprehensive policy because it covers you, your vehicle, third party vehicle and the third party owner.

What are the important covers to join two-wheeler insurance?

There are many benefits to having a motorbike insurance policy. What are those advantages? let’s find out.

Damage due to natural disasters
Natural disasters like earthquake, flood, storm, tsunami, heavy rain are inevitable. They may or may not be foreseen (by the Meteorological Department). But, no one can guarantee the effect of those disasters on property and human life. What is the best thing you can do? Raise your guard with a two-wheeler insurance plan.

Disadvantages of Man-Made Disasters
If you think natural disasters were an insult to mankind and nature, then man-made disasters are worse. Riots, terrorist attacks, theft, theft, etc. You never know when you can be the next victim. So, why not cover your bike with a Smart Two Wheeler policy?

Claim for injuries

When you suddenly run across the road with the intention of crossing the road, then you were happily riding on your way to work. Although you do your best to apply brakes, but it’s too late! Both you and that person are injured! Completely unpredictable? Many more unexpected injuries can be waiting in your life. With internal injuries, the fracture of joints is covered by sweeping two wheeler insurance policies for both you and that person.

Partial disability

In a fatal accident, there may be temporary paralysis or disability of any part of the body. Thankfully, your insurance company will pay for those losses and medical expenses.

Permanent total disability
God forbid, but what would happen if the effect of your accident was so bad that you face permanent disability. Perhaps, walking or loss of disability! Fortunately an insurance policy covers all the losses and expenses of the treatment.

The death

If the third-party vehicle dies in an accident, the deceased’s family can claim against you. You can then transfer your liability to the insurance company.

Considering all the points outlined above, your vehicle is advised to run on the road with a valid insurance cover. Do not let miserable events dominate you. Get a good comprehensive Two Wheeler Policy today! Ride safe; Become a responsible citizen!

Updated: December 27, 2018 — 5:50 am


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