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Weight Loss

It is important to increase the weight when you are pregnant. This extra weight helps your child gain enough nutrients to grow and develop. If you do not gain enough weight then your child may be born with a small, premature or other health problem. Do not worry if morning sickness reduces weight early in pregnancy, as long as you start losing weight. Even if you are overweight, it can not be stressed enough that this is not the right time for the diet.

If you were a healthy weight when you were pregnant and you are taking a child, then you should get 25 to 35 pounds. If you had less weight then you should have the benefit of about 28 to 40 pounds. If you are a healthy weight and twins, then you should get around 35 to 45 pounds. Discuss with your doctor what your goal is weight.

Call the doctor if:

  • You are losing weight during 2 and 3 quarters (especially during the 2nd and 3rd quarters).
  • You are worried about getting too much weight. Your doctor can help you determine the right amount of weight gain for you.
  • You have a food disease that is preventing you from eating healthy food.

Step-by-step care:

  • Do not take food. Low calorie intake during pregnancy can lead to an increase in infants and mental deficiencies. They are not recommended.
  • When you are not hungry and not weight, drink high calorie, nutrient-intensive fluid, such as protein shake.
  • Include healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, canola and olive oil in your diet.
  • Drink milk and mix powder milk in foods such as hot grains.
  • If you have trouble eating a bigger meal, then eat smaller, frequent meals.
  • To add protein, fat, and calories by spreading peanut butter on toast, crackers, apples, and celery.
  • Eat dried fruits, seeds and nuts for snacks. Put them on grains and yogurt.
Updated: December 31, 2018 — 9:05 am

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